About us

It's 2017 AD and the Internet sets people free: they crowd-source stuff, for everyone's benefit.

And yet… looking to place your hard-earned savings? Not investing millions?

Sure - get in the queue. For that amount, there's X, Y or Z: make peanuts in good years (under-exposed to blah, blah) and lose a bundle in bad ones (markets turn, blah, blah).

In 2017, ordinary investors looking for opportunities remain a middlemen-chain away from those finding them. So many, it's a miracle if the action reaches those holding the chain.

And yet, it's 2017 and millions of brains trade for independent profit, undiscovered! Surely the best of them are genius? How about legally listing their talent, for everyone's benefit?

Darwinex is independent traders exchanging profits with DARWIN investors. It's technology democratising financial markets, for human evolution.

How about you, can we count you in?

Meet our Founders

The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.

Juan, Javier & Miguel had a successful career as financial consultant, civil engineer & telecommunications engineer in top tier companies.

All three of them believe that the internet can change the financial industry as we know it and in 2012 they started to build what is now known as Darwinex.

Meet the team

  • Juan Colón

  • Javier Colón

    Product Owner
  • Miguel Á. González


Our Vision