About us

It's 2017 AD and the Internet sets people free: they crowd-source stuff, for everyone's benefit.

And yet… looking to place your hard-earned savings? Not investing millions?

Sure - get in the queue. For that amount, there's X, Y or Z: make peanuts in good years (under-exposed to blah, blah) and lose a bundle in bad ones (markets turn, blah, blah).

In 2017, ordinary investors looking for opportunities remain a middlemen-chain away from those finding them. So many, it's a miracle if the action reaches those holding the chain.

And yet, it's 2017 and millions of brains trade for independent profit, undiscovered! Surely the best of them are genius? How about legally listing their talent, for everyone's benefit?

Darwinex is independent traders exchanging profits with DARWIN investors. It's technology democratising financial markets, for human evolution.

How about you, can we count you in?

Meet our Founders

The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.

Juan, Javier & Miguel had a successful career as financial consultant, civil engineer & telecommunications engineer in top tier companies.

All three of them believe that the internet can change the financial industry as we know it and in 2012 they started to build what is now known as Darwinex.

Meet the team

  • Juan Colón


  • Javier Colón

    Product Owner

  • Miguel Á. González


Our Vision

Financial pre-history

Once upon a time, not too long ago, financial markets were a cozy affair managed by the system.

Using capital and information to its advantage, it managed everyone's savings.

Unchallenged, it grew for centuries, reaching unheard of size.

Internet: Big-Bang

Suddenly, the Internet hit and empowered people.

Online, people shared information by-passing the system and crowd-sourced savings to back worthy causes.

Some discovered financial trading - thrilled by conquering global currency markets, from home, in a level playing field with the system.

New life, fresh opportunities

The Internet thus sparked evolution.

The best independent traders systematically beat the market, but initially, they went unnoticed: their talent far exceeded their size.

Until they came up with an idea: how about scaling their talent with everyone's savings, for their own and savvy investors benefit?

Darwinex, financial (r)evolution

Initially, they met scepticism. Could their returns scale? Was peer-to-peer profit exchange even legal? How to tell systematic from merely lucky returns?

They marched on, regardless. They acquired experience with discipline, polished their timing and managed their risk rigorously. They delivered returns owing NOTHING to luck, through Darwinian evolution.

They built Darwinex, a trader's eco-system certifying their talent, powering it with investor capital, all the while protecting their intellectual property.

Live your dream

Few saw it coming, but a meteorite wiped dinosaurs. Subsequent evolution rewarded talent over size.

Darwinex accelerates and certifies investable traders, scaling their skill with investor capital under FCA (UK) regulation. In doing so, it provides committed traders with leverage to shape financial market evolution.

With us, your effort is the last missing link.

Can we count you in?