DarwinIA Monthly Contest

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  • INCENTIVE FOR TRADERS DarwinIA is our way of rewarding traders who trade consistently.
  • MONTHLY PRIZES Notional fund allocations are awarded to the most consistent DARWINS every month.
  • NOT A RECOMMENDATION It is NOT a hint for investors to pick DARWINS, but an encouragement for traders to trade consistently.
  • OPEN LIVE ACCOUNT Only Darwinex Live accounts are eligible to take part in DarwinIA.
  • IMPORT TRACK RECORD Start from 0 or import an existing track record from another broker to a Darwinex Live Account.
  • LIST A DARWIN A minimum experience is needed before a strategy can be listed as a DARWIN. Scalping strategies cannot participate.
  • DIVERGENCE DARWINS with negative divergence ≤ – 1% aren’t DarwinIA eligible.
  • CORRELATION TEST In case of DARWINs too highly correlated, only the one with the highest Darwinex level is eligible.
  • DARWINEX LEVEL This is the most important element. To level up, traders need to achieve good scores in all attributes simultaneously.
  • D-SCORE The D-Score is a weighted average of the scores achieved by the trader in each of the Investable Attributes.
  • DARWIN'S RETURN The return made by the trader's DARWIN during the month is taken into account.
  • ACTIVITY The trader's monthly trading activity is measured. Traders are penalised when they trade less frequently than they usually do.
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