Is my money safe?

    Where and how is Darwinex regulated?


    What is a Darwinex account?

    What types of accounts are offered?

    What requisites are there for joint accounts?

    What documents are required for account verification?

    How does the Wallet work?

    How can I deposit/withdraw monies?

    What account base currencies are offered?

    Can I change my account base currency once set?

    Do you charge commissions for account funding/withdrawal?

    Is there a minimum account opening amount?

    How do I transfer funds from my Wallet to my MT4 account?

    How do I transfer funds from my Wallet to my Investor account?

    I have both investor and trading accounts, may I transfer monies across them?

    If I have already opened one real trading account with you and I decide to open more, is the still a minimum deposit for each?

    I'm a US citizen/resident, can I open an account with Darwinex?

    I'm a Japanese citizen, can I open an account with Darwinex?

    I'm an Irani citizen/resident, can I open an account with Darwinex?


    Which trading accounts get analyzed?

    Linked Trading Account

    How frequently get account metrics and charts updated?

    Return (Metric)

    VaR (Metric)

    Drawdown (Metric))

    D-Leverage (Metric)

    Trading Journal (Chart)

    Return (Chart)

    D-Period (Metric)

    What are the IA grades for, the DARWIN, or its underlying strategy?

    Experience (Investable Attribute)

    Risk Management (Investable Attribute)

    Timing (Investable Attribute)

    Consistency (Investable Attribute)

    Performance (Investable Attribute)

    Scalability (Investable Attribute)

    D-Period Duration (Chart)

    Risk Stability (Chart)

    Darwin Risk Adjustment (Chart)

    Consistency per Trade (Chart)

    Max. Win vs. Max. Loss per Trade (Chart)

    Monkey Test Ranking (Chart)

    Open/Close Strategy (Chart)

    Divergence sensitivity

    Open/Close Trade Volatility (Chart)

    Liquidity per Trade (Chart)

    Investor's Volume per Trade (Chart)

    Position vs Trade

    D-Score (Metric)



    How do I open a trading account?

    Migrated Trading Account

    Can I migrate demo accounts?

    What trading platforms do you offer?

    Where can I download the Darwinex MT4 platform?

    Can I hold multiple trading accounts?

    Can I open multiple MT4 accounts on the same computer simultaneously?

    Do you offer demo trading?

    Do demo accounts expire?

    Is there any difference between demo and real account execution conditions?

    Is the price shown on my MT4 the bid or the ask price? How can I show the ask price on my MT4 charts?

    What is the 'Top of Book' price and how does it affect my orders?

    What execution types are offered?

    What assets can I trade?

    What spreads do I trade on?

    What commissions do I pay?

    What swap rates do I pay?

    Dividends on Indices

    What is the maximum leverage?

    How do I change my MT4 master password?

    How do I set up / change my MT4 investor password?

    What is the margin stop at Darwinex?

    What is the minimum trade size?

    Why do spreads widen during news releases?

    Do you offer VPS?

    Can I trade CFDs through Darwinex?

    Can I use arbitrage strategies in your broker ?

    How to show more candles and bars in MT4?

    I forgot the password to my MT4 account. How can I reset it?


    What are the steps to open an investor account?

    Can I test the product before investing for real?

    Can I open more than one investor account?

    What is a DARWIN?

    How do DARWINs work?

    Can I buy / sell DARWINs immediately?

    Does Darwinex recommend strategies to investors?

    What does it mean if I see a 'Migration date' on a Darwin's graph?

    How risky is a DARWIN?

    What happens if/when a strategy takes too much risk?

    Who manages DARWIN risk?

    What does a DARWIN´s list price indicate?

    What is divergence?

    What is a risk adjustment?

    How do I check my account´s balance?

    What is the lowest / highest amount I can invest in a DARWIN?

    Can I check my DARWIN´s live trades?

    Is it necessary to sell and re-buy a DARWIN to reinvest profits?

    What does Maximum risk mean?

    What is the most I can make/lose?

    How does Darwinex control trading risk for investors?

    Why does Darwinex recommend me a maximum risk?

    Can I change my maximum risk parameter?

    What are DARWINs maximum risk?

    What are the underlying assets to DARWINs?

    How are investor trades executed?

    What spreads are investors charged?

    What is the trader to investor latency?

    Do all investors buy/sell at the same price?

    How much does the service cost and how does Darwinex make money?

    How and when is performance fee charged?

    Why is a performance fee withheld before quarter end?

    What criterion is applied for closing investments partially when there are several subsequent investments in the same DARWIN?

    What is the Swap charge?


    Do DARWIN Providers need to be regulated?

    Can I create a Darwin from a demo or a linked account?

    What requirements does a trading account have to meet in order to be eligible for creating a DARWIN?

    How long does it take to get to Rookie level?

    How are DARWIN Providers rewarded?

    How is the Performance Fee calculated?

    How can I be certain that all performance fee calculations are done correctly and that I'm informed of all the AuM invested in my DARWIN?

    How much does Darwinex get paid for each DARWIN?

    Are performance fees paid out if investors sell their investment in a Darwin before their quarter ends?

    Do DARWIN Providers get rewarded for the commissions they generate?

    What DARWIN information is available to traders and investors?

    Does a DARWIN Provider know the volume invested in his DARWIN?

    What info do investors see from my trading strategy?

    My trading results for the first few weeks were not transferred to my DARWIN. Why is this so?

    Can I delete my Darwin?


    What is DarwinIA?

    Who can participate in DarwinIA?

    Correlated DARWINs & DarwinIA

    How are winners picked?

    How to get to a higher Level?

    How is Activity calculated?

    How will the investments be allocated?

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