1. How do I open a trading account?

    To open an MT4 account with us, you'd need to log in to your Darwinex Dashboard -> Click "Trading Accounts" -> Click "Open Live / Demo MT4".

    You'll be provided a link to download our MT4 platform and will be sent per email your account login and password.

    Note that it is not possible to open an MT4 account directly from the MT4 platform.

    Note that before being able to open an MT4 Live account, you'll need to have undergone our validation procedure and have your Darwinex account verified.

  2. Migrated Trading Account

    Migrating to Darwinex allows you to import your existing MT4 track-record as accrued on an MT4 live account held with other broker (you don't need to close your existing MT4 account, you can keep both).

    Before migrating your account, make sure to:

    ◦ Link your MT4 account to Darwinex

    ◦ Open a Darwinex Live MT4 Account

    ◦ Fund your new Darwinex Live MT4 Account

    ◦ Complete migration before placing your first Darwinex trade

    Changes to the balance between your old and your new account will be accounted for and won't affect your performance track-record. If the balance in your Darwinex account is different than the balance in your imported account, we'd recommend changing the size of the trades in your Darwinex account accordingly to avoid sudden changes in your risk parameters.

    Learn everything about migration here.

  3. Can I migrate demo accounts?

    No, it´s not possible.

    Only real account track-records are offered for investors.

  4. What trading platforms do you offer?

    We offer MT4 desktop terminal, MT4 iOS and MT4 Android.

    If you don't use Windows on your desktop computer, please see:

    - How to install MT4 on Ubuntu (Linux)

    - How to install MT4 on a Mac

    We also have a FIX API trading offer for a fee of 500 USD per month.

  5. Where can I download the Darwinex MT4 platform?

    Please note that the option to open an MT4 account directly on our MT4 platform is disabled.

    To open an MT4 account with us, you'd need to log in to your Darwinex Dashboard -> Click "Trading Accounts" -> Click "Open Live / Demo MT4".

    If you already hold a Darwinex MT4 account, you can:

    - Download the MT4 desktop terminal for Windows

    - Download the MT4 app for iOS

    - Download the MT4 app for Android

  6. Can I hold multiple trading accounts?

    Yes, you may hold as many trading accounts as you wish.

  7. Can I open multiple MT4 accounts on the same computer simultaneously?

    Yes, you can do this by installing multiple MT4 terminals on the same computer. You just need to repeat the same procedure as if you would install a single MT4 terminal, except that you need to choose different location for each installation. More info about how to install multiple MT4 accounts on the same computer or VPS

  8. Do you offer demo trading?

    Yes, demo accounts are supported.

  9. Do demo accounts expire?

    Demo accounts are cancelled only if you don't log into them for 30 days.

  10. Is there any difference between demo and real account execution conditions?

    Pricing conditions (spreads, commission, swaps) are exactly the same with the exception of dividends on indices which are currently NOT reflected in demo accounts.

    However, be aware that demo execution does not take into account market depth - the assumption is made that enough liquidity is available to fill any order.

    Unlike demo accounts, slippage can take place in case of live accounts (especially during news releases or volatile market conditions). We highly recommend reading this blog post on slippage.

    Another difference between demo and live MT4 accounts is that daily and monthly email confirmation of trades is sent our to live but not to demo accounts.

  11. Is the price shown on my MT4 the bid or the ask price? How can I show the ask price on my MT4 charts?

    By default, MT4 charts show the bid price only. If interested in having the ask price shown on your MT4:

    1. Right click on the chart and select "Properties"

    2. In the "Properties" window, click the "Common" tab

    3. Tick "Show Ask line" and then click "Ok"

  12. What is the 'Top of Book' price and how does it affect my orders?

    The price shown by the MT4 terminal is the 'Top of Book' price.

    The Top of the Order Book (Top of Book) price is the highest bid and the lowest ask price available at any moment. Only a limited volume of the asset in question is available at the Top of Book price. When this volume gets used up by market participants, orders get executed at the next available price giving rise to negative slippage.

  13. What execution types are offered?

    We just offer Direct Market Access (DMA). Your trades are cleared at the bid/ask prevailing in the inter-bank market, with counterparties independent from us.

  14. What assets can I trade?

    We offer the 34 of the most liquid currency pairs, 9 indices and 6 commodities. Forex is spot, indices and commodities are CFD instruments.

    Our focus is on the most liquid assets for investors to replicate. Check our instrument list here.

  15. What spreads do I trade on?

    We source the best bid/ask we can at any given moment, from independent counterparties.

    Spreads for most pairs are below 1 pip most of the time. Check our average spreads by asset here.

  16. What commissions do I pay?

    For currency pairs and commodities, we charge 0.0025% of nominal value traded, 0,005% round trip.

    For indices, please consult commission in the list of assets / spreads.

  17. What swap rates do I pay?

    Swap rates are set daily by our liquidity providers. We pass them on to customers 1-1 without mark-up.

    Check our current swap rates here.

  18. Dividends on Indices

    When underlying shares that are part of Index CFDs go ex-dividend, the Index CFD prices are adjusted to reflect dividends. The weighted proportion of the dividends within the Index are credited to client accounts for long positions and debited for short.

    Dividends are reflected as a cash adjustment as calculated by the applicable calculation agent.

    Several websites offer free or paid information about ex-dividend dates. Please note that as a trader you yourself are responsible for gathering this information if you wish to be informed about when your account will be credited or debited. As an example, there is information on the web about UK100, NDX or WS30 ex-dividend dates.

    Darwinex will credit or debit your trading account the day after our liquidity providers credit or debit ours'.

    Please note the the CFD of the DAX index (GDAXI in your MT4) does NOT pay dividends.

  19. What is the maximum leverage?

    Maximum leverage depends on each asset. Different margin requirements apply to different assets within one trading account (as opposed to a general leverage applicable to an account). This allows us to better deal with volatile / risk events affecting a given pair or currency. Relevant margin requirements are indicated in the list of asset/spreads.

    For the ease of reference, Margin in % = (1/max. leverage)* 100. In other words:

    0.50 % = 1:200 leverage (e.g. max. allowed leverage for liquid pairs such as EURUSD or EURJPY)

    1 % = 1:100 leverage (which applies to pairs such as AUDJPY or USDCHF).

    2 % = 1:50 leverage

    5 % = 1:20 leverage

  20. How do I change my MT4 master password?

    1. Open your MT4 platform

    2. Click "Tools"

    3. Click "Options"

    4. On the "Server"tab, click "Change"

    5. Type your current master password

    6. Click "Change master password"

    7. Type the new master password & confirm

    That's all!

  21. How do I set up / change my MT4 investor password?

    1. Open your MT4 platform

    2. Click "Tools"

    3. Click "Options"

    4. On the "Server"tab, click "Change"

    5. Type your current master password

    6. Click "Change investor (read only) password"

    7. Type the new investor password & confirm

    That's all!

  22. What is the margin stop at Darwinex?

    The trading terminal will warn for shortage of funds from a margin of 100% and close trades automatically from 50%.

  23. What is the minimum trade size?

    For currency pairs it's 0.01 standard lots - or 1000 units of the base currency.

    For indices and commodities please check the list of assets/spreads for the minimum trade size.

  24. Why do spreads widen during news releases?

    Darwinex is a 100% STP / agency broker that sources liquidity on behalf of customers at all times.

    The release of new economic information generates peaks in uncertainty, which temporarily fuels volatility until information has been processed by market participants.

    In high volatility conditions, offering tight spreads is very risky for liquidity providers, who thus widen their spreads. These are the very spreads that we pass on to you.

  25. Do you offer VPS?

    Yes, we facilitate Beeks FX services at discounted prices to our users.

    Beeks FX is X-connected to our servers at Equinix LD-4, which means you enjoy network-latencies in the sub ms range for your order to transit from your VPS to our LP.

    Click here for more info about VPS.

  26. Can I trade CFDs through Darwinex?

    Yes, indices and commodities available for trading through Darwinex are CFD instruments.

  27. Can I use arbitrage strategies in your broker ?

    You can use arbitrage strategies at Darwinex. As an STP/DMA broker we send your orders directly to the market.

    Please note that our liquidity providers might deem your arbitrage orders as harmful to the rest of the traders. This is something that has happened in a small number of cases. Should this happen, we would need to ask you to stop executing your arbitrage strategy.

  28. How to show more candles and bars in MT4?

    To view more bars and candles on your MT4 M1 charts, please follow the steps below:

    1. Go to ‘Tools’ in the menu bar and then click ‘Options’

    2. Select the ‘Charts’ tab.

    3. At the bottom, where it has a dialog box for ‘Max bars in history’ and ‘Max bars in chart’, manually type in how many bars you would like to see. Click ‘OK’

    4. Refresh your charts to display this new change. Do this by right-clicking directly onto the chart and selecting ‘Refresh’.

    How to show more candles and bars in MT4?

  29. I forgot the password to my MT4 account. How can I reset it?

    At this moment, passwords cannot be reset from the terminal. Please send us an email to from the email address associated to your Darwinex account mentioning your MT4 account login so we can reset your password for this account.

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