1. What is DarwinIA?

    DarwinIA is a monthly trading challenge that awards the most consistent traders on Darwinex.

    Every month 2,000,000 EUR are allocated to the best 48 DARWINs. Funds keep allocated to the winning Darwins for a 6 month period and the Darwin Providers get a 20% performance fee on the profits they generate with the allocated funds (calculated quarterly on a high water mark basis).

    Winners are picked every month based on four ranking criteria.

    - The Darwin's level

    - The Darwin's D-score

    - The Darwin's monthly return

    - The account's activity

  2. Who can participate in DarwinIA?

    Only DARWIN Providers can participate.

    Also, contestants have to pass a correlation test: in case of 2 Darwins being too correlated as per our algorithms, only the strategy with the highest Level & D-score is eligible for the monthly prize

  3. Correlated DARWINs & DarwinIA

    Amongst DARWINs whose monthly return curves are highly correlated to each other, only that with the highest Level & D-Score will be eligible to participate in DarwinIA. Now, what does too highly correlated mean exactly?

    If the same Provider has 2 DARWINs with a correlation higher than 0.5, only the one with the highest Level & highest D-Score is eligible for DarwinIA.

    If two different Providers have DARWINs with positive correlation higher than 0.8, only the DARWIN with the highest Level & highest D-Score is eligible for DarwinIA.

    Correlation is re-calculated on a daily basis, so the fact that a specific DARWIN is not eligible to take part in DarwinIA today does not mean that it won’t be eligible tomorrow!

    Please watch this video to gain a better understanding of how exactly correlation gets calculated.

  4. How are winners picked?

    Winners are picked based on the following criteria:

    Darwinia Ranking Criteria

  5. How to get to a higher Level?

    Progress is similar to school (or videogames!) - by grading closer to 10 as you face the market on the 6 investable attributes.

    This post on our blog explains the three different paths a trader can follow to make it to the top Level.

    Mastering the bottom levels is straightforward, but getting to and staying at the top is seriously hard!

  6. How is Activity calculated?

    Traders are penalized when their monthly market exposition is lower than their average market exposition in the previous 3 months.

    Market exposition for Activity gets calculated in the same way it gets calculated for the Experience investable attribute.

  7. How will the investments be allocated?

    DarwinIA investments will be allocated in the winning DARWINs no later than ten business days after the relevant month ends.

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