Diversify your portfolio by backing a new asset class: investable trading talent.

Your investor account trades at very competitive market rates. Further, traders’ only compensation source is the share you pay them in your success. This way, traders’, investors’ and Darwinex’ incentives are aligned for mutual profit exchange.


Trading commissions

The table below shows applicable volume based commission rates.

Investors pay the same competitive commissions we charge to our traders. A set commission is charged on trade open & trade close. In total, we charge 0.005% of each trade’s volume (0.0025 % on trade open & 0.0025% on trade close).

Commissions are the only fee element where Darwinex applies a (very competitive!) retail mark-up to wholesale rates.

Overnight Financing (swaps)

If your DARWIN holds leveraged trades overnight (O/N), you earn interest on your long asset and pay interest on your short asset.

Depending on which rate is higher, this may result in a credit or a debit to your account.

Rates are updated daily with changes in the wholesale market. Check this table for updated market rates as applied without mark-up on those received by our wholesale providers.


DARWIN providers’ only compensation source is quarterly investor success-fees. Quarters are investor and DARWIN individual, investors start them on their first purchase of any DARWIN. Throughout the quarter, Darwinex retains 20% of investor profits and holds them on escrow until quarter-end, when they’re paid out.

This way, in a quarter where an investor invests, sells his holding at an interim profit, re-purchases the DARWIN and suffers an overall loss for that quarter in that DARWIN, any escrowed success are “clawed back” from the escrow account by Darwinex and no success fee accrues, even if one was temporarily held on escrow for the first investment in the quarter.

Further, the high water-mark principle applies. 20% performance fees only apply to the extent that quarterly profits exceed above the DARWIN’s highest peak since first listing.


There are talented independent traders out there. Back the most skilled ones and share in their profits!


Who are we?

We're traders and investors, who know the internet will change financial services for good. We bring you the regulatory, technological and financial solvency your savings deserve.


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