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DMA only spreads, unique analytics and investor exposure - all under one roof.


    Competitive DMA spreads, for a transparent commission of 25 units per million units traded. Trade from Equinix LD4, anonymously, without last-look or re-quotes.
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    A structured process to accrue experience and polish your strategy’s risk management, consistency, timing, performance and scalability.
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    We attract investors and pay you 15% success fee if they buy your strategy, as well as cash prizes on the DarwinIA Challenge.
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  • FCA (UK) regulation

    The FCA (UK) supervises our personnel, processes and capital base. Your investment is in segregated accounts with Barclays (UK), and enjoys FSCS protection for up to GBP 50.000.

  • Intellectual property protection

    We NEVER publish your trades. Investors can only replicate them by paying, so you collect 15% success-fee on ALL DARWIN investor profits.

  • Darwinia: share in our revenue

    We share cash-revenues with our most investable DARWIN providers, monthly. Visit this month’s pot and ranking here.

  • Import your track-record

    Import any live money MT4 track-record to your new Darwinex account. Your DARWIN will reflect any pre-Darwinex trades.


What is evolution to an independent trader?

  • KlondikeFX

    "We have been looking for ways to offer our trading experience to investors while keeping our trading systems confidential and complying with regulatory requirements for some time now. Luckly now there is Darwinex. Not only are they providing all of the above but also have developed the most advanced scoring algorithm for trading strategies that we have seen so far. Their team is a pleasure to work with and they are always open to suggestions. Darwinex has created a unique method to match professional trading knowledge with investor capital and we are happy to offer our trading systems exclusively through Darwinex."

  • DailyPriceAction

    "I believe in everyone's right to access to the most valuable investment opportunities. Skilled traders have been off-limits for the non-privileged... but now there's Darwinex!
    I trade my savings for a living, independently. Investors, regardless of expertise or wealth, buy DARWINs.
    We all win or lose together, and it's FCA regulated."



You’ll meet us at Level39 in London and Madrid.

We’re traders and investors, actively democratising financial markets. We get the Internet, and possess the regulatory, technological and financial solvency your savings deserve.

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