Invest with traders

Copy their strategies, with the risk you choose

How it works

We list trading strategies as DARWINs anyone can buy

Every DARWIN copies a strategy, with a risk that Darwinex manages for you. You buy or sell DARWINs for a public price, anytime.

  • Safe

    Darwinex is an FCA (UK) regulated broker and asset manager. Your money is in segregated accounts with Barclays (UK) and enjoys 50.000 GBP UK guarantee.

  • Rigorous

    DARWINs are rated for investability so you pick intuitively, but on sound methodology. Trader independent algorithms manage investor risk.

  • Accessible

    Buy single DARWINs or build portfolios, from your mobile or desktop. Invest virtual money or from 50 EUR / GBP / USD.


We’re a neutral venue for trader and investor benefit

  • Bespoke

    Slice & dice DARWINs weighing statistical (e.g. risk, return) or investable (e.g. consistency, timing) attributes, as you see fit.

  • Objective

    All DARWINs are 0-10 graded for experience, risk management, consistency, timing, performance and scalability because high grades correlate with long term returns.

  • Predictable

    Trader independent algorithms manage every DARWIN to 3 risk levels: low (like a corporate bond), medium (stock index) or high (individual stock in an index).

  • Aligned

    Traders earn from investor success fees, only. The more traders and investors earn from more consistently profitable DARWINs, the more Darwinex profits alongside.

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Undiscovered talent, made accessible

Our technology detects opportunities and wraps them into tailor-made investments


Darwinex has been recognised by The FinTech50 2015 as one of the hottest Fintech businesses in Europe. Now in its third edition, the annual list recognises FinTech companies across Europe with the potential to become a game-changer in financial services technology or the staying power to continue being one.


You’ll meet us at Level39 in London and Madrid.

We’re traders and investors, actively democratising financial markets. We get the Internet, and possess the regulatory, technological and financial solvency your savings deserve.

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