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Diversify your risk with a new asset

Build your portfolio of traders from around the world

Get access to over 1,000 strategies


How does Darwinex work?

Our asset is a DARWIN. A DARWIN combines a trading strategy managed by a trader with Darwinex’s independent risk management engine

  1. Independent risk management

    The risk management engine ensure the target volatility of each DARWIN is similar to that of a mid-cap equity

  2. Liquidity and diversification

    A DARWIN trades in real-time for the value of its underlying assets. DARWINs can trade long or short at any given time, meaning they are uncorrelated to traditional assets

  3. Transparency across assets

    You can trace the evolution of a DARWIN since its creation, just as you can track a stock’s evolution since IPO

  4. Advanced analytical toolkit

    Darwinex analyses the 12 attributes that make up the DNA of a trading strategy, in a way analogous to that of fundamental analysis of a traditional share. You can analyse and filter DARWINs accordingly based on your own criteria


Exchange Solvency

100 % market execution, no dealing desk, via solvent Prime Brokers (LMAX & SaxoBank)

Same fair commissions for traders & DARWIN Managers. See our spreads & trading conditions


of new clients referred by existing clients


$18 Billion USD monthly trading volume


More than $1,400,000 in performance fees paid to date


Proprietary technology developed over 5 years of research by our Quant team. (Growing, by the day)

Our promise to investors

Darwinex was born from a desire for equality in markets and for that reason we believe in an aligned incentive system fair to all


No management fees or hidden commissions.

You pay a 20% performance fee only if a DARWIN makes you money. The traders only incentive is to make money consistently


Access to free training.

Get regularly updated training materials through the soon to be launched Darwinex University


Use our demo account on an unlimited basis.

Get comfortable with the new asset and our platform before committing


We invest our own money in a DARWIN portfolio.

and share all that we learn in the investment process via our research laboratory, DarwinexLabs