About Darwinex


Darwinex is a technology provider helping traders develop their skills and build a verifiable track record. Our technology is bolted on to our exchange providing traders with regulatory cover to charge a 20% success fee.

Founded in 2012, we employ more than 40 across our London headquarters and our development office in Spain.


2012 Founded


1 Employees


1 Notional traded monthly


1 2017 Revenue growth

Mission and vision

We’re on a mission to level the playing field.

Trading is a dirty world full of opaque commission structures and misaligned interests which harm retail traders and investors.

Darwinex is fixing this. We are the first exchange pooling member information and capital in a virtuous circle while controlling risk professionally.

We make markets meritocratic and make all our investment opportunities available to every member.

Our values


We seek to do the right thing for customers at all times and in all circumstances, independently of who is watching


We believe transparency is the best enabler of confidence and trust


We believe in equality of opportunity not equality of outcome


We believe alignment is the cornerstone of success, for it makes the whole more than the sum of its parts


We strive for perfection and take pride in our work


We want to make a lasting indelible impact, not just move the dial a notch

Our story so far

  1. 2017

    November First DARWIN reaches $3MN AUM and is temporarily closed to new investment

  2. 2017

    August Trader performance fees surpass $500k. First DARWIN reaches $1MN AUM

  3. 2017

    April Launch of Darwinex Reloaded

  4. 2015

    April Darwinex investor platform launched

  5. 2014

    November DarwinIA trading challenge launched

  6. 2014

    May Regulated as Broker by the FCA under the name Darwinex

  7. 2013

    April Launch of trading strategy diagnostic algorithms

  8. 2012

    March Tradeslide Trading Tech. founded